Malaysian Food Bazaar

Dear all MAF members,

Malaysian Food Bazaar in Paris will be held at Rumah Malaysia in conjunction with our King’s Birthday. It is jointly organized by the Embassy of Malaysia, Perwakilan Paris and 六合彩直播tvb (MAF).

The main objectives are to promote Malaysian food, and handicrafts as well as raise money for Muhibbah fund (channeled to Malaysians in need of humanitarian aid).

We also envision that this event will strengthen relationships between Malaysians and the locals.

This event is open to all and everyone is welcome. Food coupons can be had at 鈧10.00 only.

Be sure to get some lucky draw tickets for 鈧5 each. Contributions would help us grow the Muhibbah fund.

Join us. You鈥檒l have a blast, get a taste of Malaysia, and contribute to bringing cheer to those in need. Save the date. Help us get the word out. Pass this along. Friends and friends in the making would sure be glad to know this is happening.

See you there.


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Exhibition at George Pompidou

Dear MAF members,
One of our fellow Malaysians with her husband is organising an exhibition at the George Pompidou Centre in case it could be of interest to some of you.
The name of the exhibition is “Goudron Pressage – Sillon Tympan
The theme is raw, wild and untamed art and music.
Artist: Stephane Blanquet
Venue: Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris) – Studio 1316 (Level -1)
Time opening: 16th to 30th April , everyday from 2 pm to 6 pm (closed on Tuesday) 2nd May – 19th June, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm to 6 pm
Entrance: Free admission
Kind regards,
MAF Exco

Malaysian Taxi Driver in Paris

If you’re looking to hire a taxi in Paris, look no further, you may call up the most helpful Mr Poon, who is the favourite taxi driver among Malaysians in Paris.

Contact him for more details:

Toyota Auris Hybride
Dark grey
Max 4 passenger
For reservation by telephone or WhatsApp or e-mail
Fare for airport CDG.聽 50鈧-55鈧 (departing聽from left bank or right bank of Paris)

Fare for airport ORLY.
30鈧-35鈧 depend from left bank or right bank of Paris.

Others destinations by taximeter