MAF Christmas Party 2019

Dear fellow Malaysians and friends of Malaysia,

MAF , ϲֱtvb, has the pleasure to invite you to our annual Christmas party.

ٲٱ: December 15th, 2019,  Sunday
վ: 12.30 Noon till 15.00 hr
ձԳܱ: 9, Avenue du Montparnasse, Paris 6th arrondissement.
ѱٰ: Duroc.

Fusion Menu
1) Grilled fresh Salmon glazed with honey.(western)
2) Curry chicken  Kapitan (Asian) halal
3) Baked potatoes with melting French cheese (French)
4) Fresh Coleslaw (western)
5) Fresh fluffy rice from the Himalayas.(Asian)
6) Healthy hummus with bread.(Middle Eastern)
7) Hot tea

1) Adult : 20 euros
2) 4 – 10 years old : 14 euros
3) Below 3 years old : free of charge

Reservations link will be closed by Thursday 12th December 10 pm.

All are welcome to bring extra desserts for all to enjoy. Christmas is a time to share.
Parents are encouraged to bring gifts for your children for Santa Claus to distribute. Don’t forget to write your children’s name on the gift.
You’re also welcome to bring your friends and families.